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Shortcuts to Fitness

There’s been some interesting “talk” in the news recently about The One-Minute Workout. That’s right! One minute a day => seven minutes a week, and that’s supposed to make you healthier and give you the energy of a kid again. … Continue reading

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Brain-Eating Amoeba

As we wind down our summer activities, I recall seeing several cases in the news of people acquiring serious infections from swimming in contaminated lakes and improperly treated pools. These events remind me of the lethal dangers of recreational water illnesses … Continue reading

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The Next Big Thing!

Two writer friends of mine, Paul Anthony and Clive Eaton, recently “tagged” me for a “chain blog” called The Next Big Thing. It works like this: you answer a specific set of questions about your current work-in-progress and then invite … Continue reading

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Latest Trends in Blogs

For almost a year I’ve been writing this weekly blog about various topics related to Murder, Mayhem and Medicine.  Since I write thrillers and murder mysteries, the blogs essentially have been an extension of my book research.  And from the comments … Continue reading

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