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Do Fictional Characters Evolve or Is It the Writer?

When developing a fictional character, there are several methods that writers can use. The first thing that usually happens, however, is that writers picture a person in their minds and that first impression of a character often sticks with them … Continue reading

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Hydrofluoric Acid – The Flesh Eater!

Hydrofluoric acid is a colorless liquid that mixes readily in other fluids. It’s highly corrosive and is classified as an acute poison that immediately begins to degrade tissue on contact. If you’re a fan of the Breaking Bad TV series, … Continue reading

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Medication Shortages Continue To Plague the US

At one time or another, we may have gone to a doctor to receive help with a medical condition. More often than not the medical issue has been resolved when the physician writes a prescription for some wonder drug. You … Continue reading

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