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Apostrophes And Their Use With Proper Nouns

This may seem like a silly subject to write about, but I must admit that I’ve had trouble using the apostrophe appropriately in the past, especially regarding its use with proper nouns that end in “s”. I’ve written a similar … Continue reading

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A Day to Remember and A Gift For You

Today is one of those memorable days in my life! It was busy, frustrating, exciting and ultimately thrilling. So what happened you might ask? I’ve been writing novels and short stories for several years now. Three of my short stories … Continue reading

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Red Wine and Dark Chocolate are the Best Drugs!

Two of my favorite food groups: red wine and dark chocolate—and now I discover that both are among the healthiest foods one can eat. But hold on a minute. There’s a catch. Scientists have found that it’s not the wine or … Continue reading

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Radioactive Bacteria On The Attack!

In previous blogs (here, here and here), I’ve written about the horrors of bacterial attacks. I’ve discussed the concept of drug resistant bacteria up to and including bacteria used in biological warfare. Today I’d like to highlight an organism that … Continue reading

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One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, Die!

The potato plant, a member of the perennial nightshade family, has an interesting secret locked up in its leaves, stems and in those funny looking green spuds. The potato, a starchy tuber from the Solanum tuberosum plant and a dietary … Continue reading

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Happy Fourth of July!

This coming weekend Citizens of the United States (including me) celebrate the anniversary of their independence on July Fourth. This year is the 239th anniversary of the development of our free nation, and it reminds me of the great sacrifices … Continue reading

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