A Day to Remember and A Gift For You

Today is one of those memorable days in my life! It was busy, frustrating, exciting and ultimately thrilling. So what happened you might ask?

I’ve been writing novels and short stories for several years now. Three of my short stories have been published previously in different anthologies, but I’ve never taken that big step to publish under my own name—until today!

I just got notice from my agent that my favorite short story called Cuffed is now loaded on various book sites and is available for downloading IMMEDIATELY.

As if that wasn’t enough good news, the cover artist that did the cover for Cuffed presented me with another cover design—the cover art for my upcoming debut novel called Lethal Medicine—that is scheduled for release very soon, by mid-August to be exact.

I’m so excited about these pivotal events in my writing career that I’m offering Cuffed with a SPECIAL PROMOTION CODE (Thru Smashwords Only) for a FREE DOWNLOAD for a limited time and to include the first chapter of Lethal Medicine at the end of Cuffed.

So please don’t delay. Scoot over to your favorite eBook site and download Cuffed today and get a sneak preview of Lethal Medicine as a bonus!


Cuffed – A Short Tale of Intrigueunnamed-10

A true story with a touch of drama and suspense!

Pharmacist Sam Delaney discovers that working the graveyard shift can be deadly when a dangerous patient from a local emergency room steps into his pharmacy and presents a questionable prescription. Concern turns to panic as Sam dials the police and is told that they will be delayed because of a storm and its inevitable fender benders. Sam has to stall for time and personally deal with the impatient perpetrator while trying to protect nurse Mary and an elderly insomniac, both of whom have their own plan of attack. Ultimately, the only victim turns out to be someone you’d least expect.

DOWNLOAD FREE═► On any of your digital devices or apps from Smashwords.com using My Special 100% Off Promo Code!

For a Limited Time Use Promo Code UU25H and Get it FREE @ https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/562366

Or Order From Amazon.com @ http://www.amazon.com/dp/B012GQM0V2

About James J. Murray, Fiction Writer

With experience in both pharmaceutical manufacturing and clinical patient management, medications and their impact on one’s quality of life have been my expertise. My secret passion of murder and mayhem, however, is a whole other matter. I’ve always loved reading murder mysteries and thrillers, and longed to weave such tales of my own. Drawing on my clinical expertise as a pharmacist and my infatuation with the lethal effects of drugs, my tales of murder, mayhem and medicine will have you looking over your shoulder and suspicious of anything in your medicine cabinet.
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6 Responses to A Day to Remember and A Gift For You

  1. Congrats, James. A milestone day for you. Hallelujah!

  2. wrLapinsky says:

    Great news! Thanks for the coupon. Looking forward to reading Lethal Medicine.

  3. Leslie Ann Engle says:

    Congratulations, Jim, and best wishes! Wonderful news!!!!

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