My New International Thriller

Available for Pre-Order (Click Here)

Official Release Date – May 31, 2017


(A Jon Masters Novel – Book 2)

Jon Masters learns that trusted friend and mentor, Dan Whitmore, has died. Although the police have ruled the death a suicide, Dan’s wife, Sheila, believes her husband was murdered and pleads with Jon to help her prove it.

Despite conflicting evidence and an uncooperative police detective, the case is reopened as a murder investigation. Retracing the last hours of Dan’s life, Jon uncovers information to indicate his friend was not only murdered but possibly implicated in distributing pharmaceuticals which could put millions of lives at risk.

Was Dan a willing accomplice or an innocent victim? The answer surprises even Jon. As he races to identify Dan’s killer, a two-fold conspiracy to undermine the world’s drug delivery system as well as to destabilize international politics unfolds.



 Imperfect Murder is Book 2 in the Jon Masters Series.

Lethal Medicine (Book 1) was released in 2016 and is available FREE with any pre-order purchase of Book 2.

 1) Pre-Order Imperfect Murder as an eBook by May 31st

2) Email the receipt to:

3) Receive a FREE coupon for the Lethal Medicine eBook

**Specifics** Order Imperfect Murder as an eBook on or before May 31, 2017 and attach/scan the receipt to an email and send to You will receive a return email with a coupon code for a FREE eBook download of Lethal Medicine (Book 1 of the Jon Masters Series) within 15 days.

**NOTE:** Lethal Medicine is the prequel to Imperfect Murder and it might be best to read them in order (but it’s not entirely necessary).


PAPERBACK VERSION of Imperfect Murder

Available on Amazon  –>  STARTING May 31, 2017

About James J. Murray, Fiction Writer

With experience in both pharmaceutical manufacturing and clinical patient management, medications and their impact on one’s quality of life have been my expertise. My secret passion of murder and mayhem, however, is a whole other matter. I’ve always loved reading murder mysteries and thrillers, and longed to weave such tales of my own. Drawing on my clinical expertise as a pharmacist and my infatuation with the lethal effects of drugs, my tales of murder, mayhem and medicine will have you looking over your shoulder and suspicious of anything in your medicine cabinet.
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  1. Congratulations on your new novel! Looking forward to the ‘read’. Best of luck.

  2. Congratulations on your second novel in your series! And you’re giving your readers and excellent bargain.

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