Most Used Word in 2020 – and into 2021?

UNPRECEDENTED – defined as never done or known before. The term is used interchangeably with words like unparalleled, uncommon, and out of the ordinary.

Hardly a day in 2020 ended without the word “unprecedented” being mentioned at least once in a news article or TV news feature that I read or watched. In the second half of 2020, the word was used so often that it became a distraction as I caught up on current events.

I usually don’t comment or write about religion, sex or politics—and I don’t intend to start 2021 by changing that rule—but I think we can all agree that 2020 was the year of UNPRECEDENTED HAPPENINGS.

Unfortunately, “unprecedented happenings” appear to be the 2020 hangover that continues to afflict us as 2021 emerges, and I long for a more ordinary time. I’m weary of politics consuming and drowning out other news. I long to shake hands and hug friends without fear of death. I long to be under a roof with others while enjoying a shared experience. I long for normalcy.

Some people that I admire have said that I need to be more MINDFUL and that is very true. I tend to push ahead and often don’t reflect or take pleasure in the moment. I’m the tourist guy touring with a group in a faraway land who is constantly taking photos to review later rather than drinking in the splendor of an historic or wonderous place.

Mindfulness is that mental state achieved by focusing awareness on the moment, calmly accepting one’s thoughts, feelings and sensations in the present. I acknowledge that mindfulness should be my number one New Year’s Resolution—to take pleasure in the present moment.

When people are allowed to travel safely around the world again, the postponed trips my wife and I had planned for 2020 and into 2021 may actually become a reality late into the year—places of ecological and historic significance like the Galapagos Islands, Petra in Jordan, and the Antarctic. Hopefully, my resolution to be more mindful will allow me to soak up the grandeur of the moment in those places—yes, take a few photo opportunities, but also to immerse myself in those wonderous places.

There I go, looking toward the future, and not being mindful of the present and the joy of health and safety—yet another New Year’s Resolution broken!

Thoughts? Comments? I’d like to hear them

About James J. Murray, Fiction Writer

With experience in both pharmaceutical manufacturing and clinical patient management, medications and their impact on one’s quality of life have been my expertise. My secret passion of murder and mayhem, however, is a whole other matter. I’ve always loved reading murder mysteries and thrillers, and longed to weave such tales of my own. Drawing on my clinical expertise as a pharmacist and my infatuation with the lethal effects of drugs, my tales of murder, mayhem and medicine will have you looking over your shoulder and suspicious of anything in your medicine cabinet.
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  1. elizabethdschultz says:

    Hi James, I found your post interesting to read. I cant wait to see your post soon. Keep it up!

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